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Associate of Arts
62 credit hours

The English Literature program will assist students to achieve mastery of composition and comprehension through writing about literature. This Associate of Arts degree will provide the first two years of a four year program that will lead to a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in English. This program will provide those students who plan careers either in writing or teaching with courses that will prepare them for their higher academic degree and, ultimately, their chosen careers. For those not planning a BA, it will satisfy their intellectual curiosity through exposure to the ideas of a variety of writers.

Upon completion of this program students will be able to:

  • Transfer to ENMU Portales, or other university, and continue their studies in English with no, or minimal, loss of credit.
  • Demonstrate a knowledge of the major features of each American/European literary period.
  • Identify the major authors of each literary period.
  • Use the commonly accepted literary terms when writing and speaking about literature.
  • Create written analysis papers about literature.


To learn more about the program requirements, click on the links below:

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